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I Want It All: A Vision Book Journal for Manifesting Dreams by Brittnay C. Starks

Life-Brand Management™

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Vision boards are an amazing tool used to help manifest dreams. We fill them affirmations, quotes, drawings, and images of people, places, and things that represent our vision for the future. But what if you could take things further and not only create a visual for your vision but also write meaningful sentences and phrases that help impression your subconscious mind and make feel as though your vision were already real?

I Want It All: A Vision Book Journal For Manifesting Dreams lets you map out your goals and dreams as no other journal has ever done before. With a little bit of coaching and life wisdom from Brittnay a.k.a Your Manifesting Mentor, you'll be able to map out your dream life in all of the areas of life that matter the most. Topics include: 

  • Relationships

  • Finance

  • Body and Fitness Goals

  • Spiritual Life

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • + more

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